Property Fund

The Appian Burlington Property Fund is a sub fund of the Appian Investments ICAV which was authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland in November 2016. Appian is the Manager to the Fund and Burlington Real Estate is the Investment Advisor to the Fund. Burlington was formed in 2012 by John Bruder and Niall Kavanagh who have substantial experience in the Irish property market. The Fund invests in office, retail and industrial properties in the greater Dublin area and major regional urban centres and the properties will typically be let on long leases to sound financial covenants. Property investments will typically be in the €5 million to €15 million range and the Fund will be valued independently and deal on a quarterly basis. Under the terms of the Prospectus the Fund can borrow up to a maximum of 100% of the value of the Fund at the date of borrowing. The Fund is a qualifying investor fund and the minimum investment in the Fund is €100,000. There is a 2 year lock in from the date of investment with liquidity at the discretion of the Investment Manager thereafter. Prospective investors are advised to read the Prospectus which is available from Appian. The performance of the Fund is set out below.

Period 2017 2018 YTD
Fund Return * 3.85% 13.03%
Close of Business Mid-Market Prices Deal Date Dealing Price €
27/09/2018 28/09/2018 117.38
29/06/2018 30/06/2018 110.25
30/03/2018 31/03/2018 106.37
29/12/2017 31/12/2017 103.85
29/09/2017 30/09/2017 108.806
28/06/2017 30/06/2017 105.93
30/03/2017 31/03/2017 100.42

Fund Fact sheets

Downloadable Fact Sheets
Property Fund Q3 17 30/09/2017
Property Fund Q4 17 31/12/2017
Property Fund Q2 18 30/06/2018
Property Fund Q3 18 30/09/2018