Ethical Value Fund

The Appian Ethical Value Fund (a sub-fund of the Appian Unit Trust) was launched in August 2015, in response to growing demand from Charity and Endowment clients. This is a multi-asset fund which follows the same key investment principles of compounding returns with lower levels of volatility while seeking to protect on the downside, as our flagship Appian Value Fund. Appian operates a “best in class” process with regards to Ethical Investment. We have partnered with EIRIS, a leading global provider of environmental, social and governance research for responsible investment with over 30 years track record. EIRIS is a signatory to the UN principles on Responsible Investment. We have set out a clear set of ethical criteria and parameters and we work with EIRIS analysts and database to highlight any companies in breach of our ethical criteria. Appian also adopts an inclusive approach where suitable asset types may allow us to deliver a solid investment return as well as positive social impact such as social housing or environmental improvement We have established an Ethical Advisory Group whose members include external independent experts across several ethical fields, which provides advice and guidance to the Appian Investment Committee. This fund has no entry, exit or performance fees and performance figures are shown net of all annual management fees. Please see some of the key information in relation to the Appian Ethical Value fund and the funds historic unit prices below.

Appian Ethical Fund
Period 2015 2016 2017 2018
Fund Return * -2.43% 1.93% 1.86% -0.05%
Close of Business Mid-Market Prices Deal Date Dealing Price €
31/10/2018 01/11/2018 101.256
28/09/2018 01/10/2018 103.1678
31/08/2018 03/09/2018 102.8722
31/07/2018 01/08/2018 103.6
29/06/2018 02/07/2018 102.1571
31/05/2018 01/06/2018 101.89
30/04/2018 01/05/2018 100.7902
29/03/2018 03/04/2018 98.6876
28/02/2018 01/03/2018 100.282
31/01/2018 01/02/2018 101.9015
29/12/2017 02/01/2018 101.302
30/11/2017 01/12/2017 99.8946

Asset Allocation

Geographic Equity Distribution

Fund Fact sheets

Downloadable Fact Sheets
Ethical Value Fund Q3 16 30/09/2016
Ethical Value Fund Q4 16 31/12/2016
Ethical Value Fund Q1 17 31/03/2017
Ethical Value Fund Q2 17 30/06/2017
Ethical Value Fund Q3 17 30/09/2017
Ethical Value Fund Q4 17 31/12/2017
Ethical Value Fund Q1 18 30/03/2018
Ethical Value Fund Q2 18 30/06/2018
Ethical Value Fund Q3 18 30/09/2018