What Defines Us

Appian is a leading Irish based and owned asset manager, managing a range of funds which invest globally, to grow and protect our clients’ assets while generating sustainable income.

Established in 2003, we have grown consistently and currently have over €800m. in assets under responsibility.

We are active managers and all investment activity is carried out in house. Risk management and downside protection is a corner stone of our investment approach. We invest for both retail and institutional investors, delivering and compounding solid returns with low volatility.

In addition to managing pooled funds we also manage a range of segregated mandates. Our clients include pension funds, endowments, charities corporates and individual investors.

Investment Style

We believe in compounding solid investment returns over time while carefully managing the downside risk in all our investment strategies. For us, risk is potential permanent loss of capital.

We are not driven by benchmarks but look to build and preserve our clients’ wealth through time.

We are active, high conviction managers. Our weightings in stocks reflect that conviction and not their weight in benchmark indices. Compared to the market, our portfolios display superior cash flow and dividends with lower valuation and volatility levels.

We have a clear, transparent and disciplined investment process, both at asset allocation level and individual stock selection, which is robust, rigorous and underpins repeatable investment outcomes. Our multi-asset portfolios such as the Appian Value Fund are truly dynamic. Our allocation to our range of asset classes including equities, bonds, cash, property and forestry will vary significantly based on our view of the investment cycle and the best return/risk prospects for our investors.

We carry out our own research and analysis with access to quality independent Global investment resources.

We are a highly experienced, proven and focussed team of investment professionals. We invest our own assets in our strategies alongside those of our clients.

Risk Management

Risk management is embedded throughout Appian.

A core feature of our investment strategies is low volatility (risk). This enables us to meet long term investment goals without being impaired by significant market downturns. We believe, and this has been demonstrated, to be the key to long term sustainable returns. For example our portfolios in the difficult year of 2008, our portfolios had significantly superior outcome compared to average investment portfolios.

In our Equity portfolios, we do not target volatility but low volatility is a natural consequence of our approach to high-quality stock selection. We build high conviction portfolios with stocks where the company has a strong balance sheet, solid and sustainable cash flows, healthy dividend and proven leadership. We continually monitor all our portfolios to ensure acceptable levels of risk or volatility but critically for superior levels of return for the amount of risk taken. Investment statistics show that we have consistently higher returns for every unit of risk in our funds than peers or stock market benchmarks.

All portfolios, pooled and segregated, are reviewed regularly to ensure they are tailored to client mandates and consistent with our house view. All assets are held with an independent custodian. At Appian, we have always used an independent custodian, trustee and administrator to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their assets are held in a manner that can provide independent verification of value and ownership and legal segregation from Appian Asset Management.

All client investments are made directly via the independent custodian and direct confirmation of investments and regular independent valuation of our clients’ holdings of securities or investments in the Appian Unit Trust is provided by the custodian.

Appian is fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland under AIFMD, which ensures the highest level of investor protection.

We have no conflicts of interest – asset management is our sole activity. Our success is 100% aligned with achieving our clients’ goals.